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The steel-plastic H-PSP-PPR (modified) composite pressure pipe is formed by steel belt knurling and continuous argon arc butt welding to become a steel pipe. It not only overcomes the defects of steel pipe, such as easy corrosion, short service life, low strength and easy deformation of plastic pipe, but also has the common advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, such as good oxygen barrier, high rigidity and high strength , Buried pipes are easy to detect and so on. Because of its excellent performance, it can be widely used in construction water supply engineering, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining, gas, optical cable and cable threading pipes and other fields, with good economic and social benefits and great promotion and application value. The early steel-plastic H-PSP-PPR (modified) composite pressure piping system, because of its production process: the steel strip is difficult to form, and the welding process is difficult. During the construction, the pipe connection method is only the pipe fitting connection. Due to the large diameter of the H-PSP-PPR (modified) pipe, the copper pipe fittings and stainless steel pipe fittings used are expensive. Therefore, although the pipeline system has excellent performance, it has not been widely used.
Zhejiang Lianjing Co., Ltd. masters the most core precision forming welding technology of thin-walled metal welding, and steel-plastic composite technology. Through the research on the roughness of the steel-plastic composite pressure pipe in Zhejiang University, according to the structural characteristics of the multiple reinforced steel-plastic pressure pipe, the water flow conditions are simulated to provide guidance for the practical application of the pipe. Promote and implement new steel-plastic composite pipes and new electromagnetic double hot-melt pipe fittings connection technology at home and abroad.

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H-PSP-PPR (modified) steel-plastic composite pressure pipe information sheet

series Specifications per meter Rice per pack
H-PSP-PPR (modified) steel-plastic composite pressure pipe2.0MPa 20*2.0 4米 120米
25*2.5 4米 100米
32*3.0 4米 60米
40*3.5 4米 40米
50*4.5 6米 36米
63*5.0 6米 24米
75*5.5 6米 18米
90*6.0 6米 12米
110*6.5 6米 6米
160*7.0 6米 6米
200*7.5 6米 6米

product details

H-PSP-PPR (modified) steel-plastic composite pressure pipe is made of argon arc butt welded galvanized steel pipe as the middle layer, and random copolymer polypropylene (PPR) with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and low temperature impact resistance as the inner and outer layers , Using imported high-temperature-resistant special hot-melt adhesive, a new type of pipe compounded by synchronous program control is a new type of green pipe that integrates the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe.

Product advantages


H-PSP-PPR (modified) steel-plastic composite pressure pipe connection diagram

H-PSP-PPR(Modified) Welding Step

Step 1: Measure the size of the pipe, mark the pipe, and confirm the socket depth.

Step 2: The pipe and the fitting are socketed.

Step 3: Install the welding jig in the heating area of the socketed pipe and pipe fittings.

Step 4: Turn on the power, press the start button, and enter the welding process. When the fusion splicer emits an audible and visual alarm, the splicing is completed.

Step 5: Remove the welding jig and enter the cooling stage. During the cooling process, the pipes and fittings shall not be rotated and shall be kept in a balanced state


Precautions for storage and transportation of pipes and fittings

1. When the product is transported, it must not be scratched, violently impacted, thrown, and avoid oil and chemical pollution;
2. Pipe fittings should be stored in well-ventilated warehouses or simple sheds, and should not be stored in the open air, away from heat sources;
3. The pipes should be stacked horizontally and neatly, and the stacking height should not exceed 1.5m.

Application field

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