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What is the difference between plastic lined steel pipe and plastic coated steel pipe

Definition of plastic lined steel pipe: plastic lined steel pipe is a steel plastic composite product made of steel pipe as base material, internal and external surface treatment, paint or spray painting, plastic lined polyethylene or other anti-corrosion coatings. Classification of plastic lined steel pipes: plastic lined steel pipes are divided into cold water plastic lined steel pipes, hot water plastic lined steel pipes and rolled plastic lined steel pipes. Plastic lining Plastics: Polyethylene (PE), heat resistant polyethylene (PE-RT), cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X), polypropylene (PP-R), rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C). Plastic lining process: after pretreatment of the steel pipe, glue the outer wall of the plastic pipe evenly, and then put it into the steel pipe to expand it to form steel plastic composite products. Rolling process of plastic lined steel pipe: the steel pipe is heated after pretreatment, and the polyethylene powder is evenly rolled on the inner wall. After the steel pipe rotates, it is cured to form steel plastic composite products. Installation and construction: during the construction and installation process, the plastic lined steel pipe cannot be cut on site due to the change of construction technology. It increases the construction difficulty and cost. The on-site construction of plastic lined steel pipes cannot be prefabricated in advance, and the construction time can be extended. Generally, plastic lined steel pipes will also shrink (relatively speaking), which will increase the design pressure of the pipeline system. Plastic lined steel pipe is relatively wear-resistant due to its thick plastic lining. 2. Plastic coated steel pipe Definition: plastic coated steel pipe is a steel plastic composite product with steel pipe as base material, plastic powder as coating material, internal and external surfaces deposited or anti-corrosion coating of other materials. Classification: according to different coating materials, coated steel pipes are divided into polyethylene coated steel pipes and epoxy resin coated steel pipes. Plastic coating materials: polyethylene powder and epoxy resin powder. Plastic coating process: steel plastic composite products formed after pretreatment, heating, high-speed coating and curing of steel pipes. Installation and construction: the coated steel pipe can be cut at will according to the needs of the construction site, and can continue to be used after cutting and repairing. The plastic coated steel pipe can be prefabricated at the construction site, and the coated steel pipe will not shrink due to the coating. The differences between the two are as follows: (1) Different appearance Plastic coated steel pipe is based on steel pipe and coated with 100% dust made of plastic powder such as polyethylene. The internal and external surfaces of steel pipes shall be evenly coated, and some shall be coated with anti-corrosion coating, and whether to add flame retardant shall be determined according to the degree of use. Although the plastic lined steel pipe is also based on the steel pipe, its appearance is galvanized spraying coating. In the market, it is usually lined with plastic coating or anti-corrosion coating. In the market, the lined PE or PP-R plastic layer is mainly used for drainage and water supply. (2) Different production processes The production process of plastic coated steel pipe is to pretreat and heat the steel pipe first, then quickly coat it and wait for curing. Plastic lined steel pipe includes two processes: lined plastic pipe and rolled plastic pipe. Plastic lining refers to coating adhesive on the outer wall of the plastic pipe and placing it in the heated steel pipe to expand the plastic pipe. Plastic rolling is to heat the steel pipe, heat the plastic dust back to the inner wall of the steel pipe, and wait for it to cool and solidify. (3) Different connection modes The connection modes of plastic coated steel pipes are mainly flange connection, groove connection and thread buckle connection, while the plastic steel pipes are connected to the groove by fattland.
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